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Rock & Roll
The Specialty Story, CD, Tenor
Irving Ashby, Guitar Rock
Irving Ashby, Big Guitar
Bob Bain, Rockin' Rollin' Strollin', LP
Ronnie Barron, Bon Ton Roulette, Ace CH 79, 1983
Jimmy Beasley, Near You/Ella Jane, 45
Bel Airs, Little Brown Jug, 45, Tenor, Arvee A-5034
Boots Brown, Cerveza, 45, RCA
B. Bumble & The Stingers, 45, Rendevous
Ed Byrnes, Kookie, Kookie, 45, WBros
Big Dave Cavanaugh, Arthur Murray, Rock 'N Roll, LP, Capitol T-640, 1955
Chuck & Gary, Teenie, Weenie Jeanie, 45, Verve
Eddie Cochran, Teenage Heaven, 45, LIB
Eddie Cochran, My Way, 45, LIB
Coo Coo Rachas, Track Down/Chili Beans, 45, Capitol 4202, 3-59
Bobby Day, Three Young Rebs, 45
Bobby Day, Mr & Mrs Rock & Roll, 45
Bobby Day, Little Bitty Pretty One, 45
Duane Eddy, Just Because
Duane Eddy, Freight Train, Colpix
Duane Eddy, Up & Down, Colpix
Duane Eddy, Trouble in Mind
Duane Eddy, Ramrod, Colpix
Duane eddy, The Walker, Colpix
Duane Eddy, Some Kinda Earthquake, Colpix
Duane Eddy, Movin' and Groovin', Colpix
Duane Eddy, Tuxedo Junction
Duane Eddy, Have Twangy Guitar will travel, CD, Tenor
Duane Eddy, I almost lost my Mind
Ernie Fields, Tuxedo Junction, Rendezvouz, 1958
Ernie Fields, Chattanooga Choo Choo, Rendezvouz, 1958
Ernie Fields, Annie's Rock, Rendezvouz, 1958
Ernie Fields, In the Mood, LP, Rendezvouz M 1309, 1959
Ernie Fields, Charleston, Rendezvouz, 1958
Ernie Fields, Begin the Beguine, Rendezvouz, 1958
Ernie Freeman, Twistin' Time, LP, Tenor, IMP 9157, 1961
Ernie Freeman, Raunchy, LP, Tenor, IMP 9148, 1958
Ernie Freeman, Dumplin's & Puddin', 45, IMP
Annette Funicello, Surfer's Holiday, Disney
Screamin' Jay Hawkins, What that is!, LP, Philips LP 600-310, 1970
Bobby Hendricks, Itchy Twitchy Feeling, Tenor
Eddie Hodges, New Orleans, 45, Cadence
Sonny James, Young Love
Jan & Dean, Clementine, 45
Jan & Dean, Jennie Lee, 45
Jan & Dean, Tennessee, 45
Jan & Dean, Baby Talk, 45
The Jivers, Ray Pearl, 45, Aladdin, 1956
Little Caesar and the Romans, Those Oldies But Goodies, N Del-Fi
Lyle Lovett, Joshua Judges Ruth
Sonny Lowery, Goodbye Baby, 45, Specialty, 1958
The Marketts, Out of Limits, LP, WBros, 1965
The Marketts, Surfers Storms, Lib LRP 3226, 1962
The Marketts, Take to Wheels, LP, WBros, 1964
The Monkees, Listen to the Band
Ricky Nelson, More Songs by Ricky, LP, 1960
Ricky Nelson, I'm Walkin', 45, Verve
Sandy Nelson, Teenage House Party, LP, IMP, 1963
Sandy Nelson, Let There Be Drums, LP, IMP, 1961
Sandy Nelson, Plays, LP, IMP 12249, 1964
Sandy Nelson, Teen Beat, LP, IMP, 1960
The Nuggets, Stiggy Boom, 45
Earl Palmer, Twisty Hits, 1962
The Pets, Beyond the Sea, 45, Arwin
The Pets, Cha Hua Hua, 45, Arwin
The Pets, Chakowski, 45, Arwin
The Pets, Rock 'N' Roll, 45, Arwin
The Piltdown Men, Piltdown Rides Again, 45
The Piltdown Men, Great Imposter, 45
The Piltdown Men, Pioneers of Rock Series, CD, Capitol, 1962
The Piltdown Men, McDonald's Care, 45
The Platters, It isn't Right, 45, Tenor, Mercury 70948, 8-17-56
The Platters, The Great Pretender, 45, Tenor, Mercury, 1956
Don Ralke, 77 Sunset Strip, 45, WBros
Terry Reid, Seed of Memory
Googie Rene, Beautiful Weekend, LP, Tenor, Class 5001, 1956
Googie Rene, Romesville, LP, Tenor, Class 5003, 1958
Googie Rene, Caesars Pad
Googie Rene, Skumbo
Googie Rene, Wiggle Tail
The Righteous Brothers
The Robins, Rock & Roll- Best of the Robins, CD
Ronnie & Roy, Big Fat Mama, Tenor
The Routers, Chuck Berry Songbook, WBros, 1964
The Routers, Let's Go, WBros, 1963
The Routers, Charge, WBros, 1964
Leon Russell
Boz Scaggs, Silk Degrees, LP
Phil Spector, Back to Mono, CD, 1991
Steely Dan, Royal Scam, LP
The Strollers, Aladdin
Big "T" Tyler, King Kong/Sadie Green, 45, Aladdin, 1956
Bobby Vee, Suzy Q, 45
Gene Vincent, Sounds like Gene Vincent, LP
Gene Vincent, Say Mama, 45
Sheb Wooley, Purple People Eater, 45, MGM
Frank Zappa, Freak Out!, LP

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